Consulting and software for growth and performance improvement


We are a consulting firm that helps organisations of all sizes improve their performance by implementing change. We offer services that support each stage of the change cycle.

Strategy and the Case for Change

When our clients are in the early stages of considering an improvement or growth initiative we help them with:
  • Strategy and approach
  • Technology strategy
  • The Case for Change
  • Technology roadmaps.

Programme Management and Assurance

We manage projects and programmes on behalf of our clients, specialising in Agile methods.

We also undertake periodic programme review and assurance, where we use our on-line tools for risk identification, scenario analysis and programme outcome prediction.

Performance Improvement or Recovery

We work with clients to improve the performance of their internal teams, whether they are delivering programmes or other services.

We have a track record in project and programme recovery and, if required, we can step in and turn things round.

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